Sunday, October 12, 2014

The Death and Life of Nicholas Linnear

Author:  Eric Van Lustbader

First Publication:  November, 2014

Source:  NetGalley

I read this as part of the R.eaders I.mbibing P.eril IX Challenge

Summary:  The deadly ninja Nicholas Linnear returns in his first all-new adventure in more than twenty years 

This was to be one of the greatest nights of Nicholas Linnear’s life—a crowning achievement. After taking over his family’s company and quadrupling its size, he has gambled it all on a liquid natural gas trade with the Chinese, a deal worth untold billions. Is that why he just woke up in a pinewood coffin? 

In honor of the ebook publication of the original Nicholas Linnear novels—The Ninja, The Miko, and White Ninja—Eric Van Lustbader returns to the series for a new heart-stopping adventure. Drugged to the brink of death, Linnear reemerges in a desperate attempt to save his business and find the people who tried to bury him alive. No time has passed for Nicholas Linnear. The Ninja is as deadly as ever, and his blade is just as sharp. 

Eric Van Lustbader is an author that I have thought about trying for many years.  Ever since reading about James Bond's adventures in the orient, I have been intrigued by mystery/adventure stories that take place there.  My first time reading his work did not disappoint.

When a story starts with someone waking up in a coffin and having to dig himself out of a grave, it captures my attention.  The author keeps the story moving at a high pace as Linnear fights his way back.  Based on the strength of this story, I will be picking up the earlier books.

Highly recommended.

Monday, July 28, 2014

You Herd Me!: I'll Say It If No One Else Will

Author:  Colin Cowherd

First Publication:  2013

Publisher:  Crown Archetype

Some of my fondest memories while growing up revolved around talking with my Dad.  We used to listen to ball games on the radio while we worked outside.  Later, but still in my youth, he respected my choices when I chose to like teams other than the ones he liked.  It led to many friendly discussions over whose teams were better.  And that led to my love of sports. 

I listen to the author on his radio show (The Herd) on the local ESPN at lunch time each week day.  His opinions, along with the interviews, keep my interest.  I like it when a commentator is honest and Cowherd seems to be.  His show reminds me of my discussions with my father.  Dad would have liked it.  When he announced the publication of his first book I went out and bought it for my Kindle.

Cowherd’s writing style makes it seem like you are sitting in the room with him while he tells his stories.  The chapters are short and very engaging.  He covers a wide range of topics and gives his opinions of what happened.  I found it fascinating as he explains what goes on behind the scenes.  Cowherd gets me to look at different sports related topics in a new light.

Highly recommended.  I cannot wait for another book from the author.