Sunday, September 6, 2009

R.I.P. IV Short Story Sunday 9/6

Beast in the House by Michael Shaara

Published in Orbit#4(1954)

Beast in the House was a very interesting story. The beast in the title is an ordinary looking dog that wanders into the yard. Nothing sounds scary so far. Then, the mother notices that the dog seems to be watching her. But something else does not seem right. The dog's ears do not move when sounds are made. Every dog she has ever seen has it's ears move in reaction to sounds.

In another part of the neighborhood, a man finds the dead body of a dog. The dog has been skinned. What would do something like that? And why?

After reading this story, I know I will be looking at stray dogs more carefully.

Highly recommended.

"Beast in the House" was read for R.I.P. IV and the 100 Shots of Short reading challenges.

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  1. I will put this one on the list. As a dog lover this one sounds very interesting and you did a fantastic job of whetting the appetite without giving the story away!